Massage & reiki | Spa FAQ'S

Fusion Massage : 60 Mins. $100Fusion massage uses: 1. Swedish technique with long strokes and kneading of the muscles. It is used primarily for full body sessions to promote full relaxation, 2. Hot Stones to increase circulation and relieve muscle tension. 3.Essential oils for the senses to relax the mind and spirit.Fusion Massage Cupping : 60 Mins. $100There are a number of different variations of cupping treatments. During a treatment a vacuum is created and there is some suction that pulls up on your skin and your body's tissues. massage cupping, the cups are moved during the treatment to help ease sore muscles and joints. Fusion Massage Cupping is helpful for relief from muscle spasms, back pain, as well as arthritic and rheumatic problems. While stimulating the skin and underlying muscles, it promotes the release of toxins that have accumulated in the area and increases circulation of blood and lymph vessels. Massage Cupping can also increase immunity in a particular area since the suction causes the release of a histamine-like substance in the skin which stimulates immune system response. Vichy shower & Body Scrub:  30 mins. $ 75 Reflexology for Hands & Feet:   30 mins. $ 50
Ionic Foot Detox & Reflexology for feet & hands:   60 mins. $ 100
An ancient Chinese technique applying pressure to points mainly on the feet but also on the hands and ears which correspond to specific organs and structures of the body. This massage addresses all areas of the body by stimulating circulation and opening up reflex zones. Reiki Energy Release:    60 mins. $100 A gentle hands-on healing technique to reduce stress, relieve pain, and facilitate healing. The vital energy of the universe is channeled through the practitioner to energize various body systems that promote healing and wholeness.

Routine massage

  - Helps Relieve stress
  - Increased Blood circulation
  - Alleviates discomfort during pregnancy
  - Reduces Muscle Spasms
  - Relaxes Muscles
  - Reduces Blood Pressure
  - Improves Posture
  - Strengthens immune system
  - Improves Flexability
  - Provides great joint flexibility
  - Provides Greater range in motion
  - Enhances rehabilitation after injury
  - Helpes relieve tension-related headache's
  - Helps relieve eye strain
  - Helps manage pain