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The Spa strictly adheres to its cancellation policy.

Anti-Aging Body Therapy: LED Red Light Therapy

Vita LED Red Light Therapy : 20 Mins. $ 40 / Buy 3 : $100

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

The Therapeutic Spectrum LED Lights: Combining the Benefits of Five Wavelengths. Harnessing the most biologically effective wavelengths is the key to optimizing the benefits of red light and near-infrared light therapy. Certain near-infrared and red light wavelengths are recognized for the unique therapeutic and regenerative results they offer the body.

Red Light Therapy boosts the production of ATP in the body and stimulates rapid healing and pain relief. It also produces incredible cosmetic results. Your skin will look smoother, clearer, and healthier!

Red light therapy has a variety of benefits and can be part of an overall wellness routine. Red light treatment can be used to aid in faster healing, immune boosting, anti aging, mood enhancement, muscle recovery and more.

Red Light Infrared Therapy

Wrinkles? Scars? Acne? Rosacea? Sun-damaged skin? Cold Sores? Eczema? Back aches? Joint pain? Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Red light therapy also stimulates the production of new capillaries, which increases circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system for more efficient waste removal from the body. Waste materials interfere with organs.

Clinically Proven Benefits of Light Therapy

  • Aids in muscle recovery and enhances athletic performance
  • Improves skin clarity, tone, and texture
  • Diminishes age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Increases fat loss
  • Fades scars and stretch marks
  • Reduces joint inflammation and speeds wound healing
  • Enhances cognitive function and improves mental clarity


    FAQs About Red Light Therapy

    Red light therapy has an incredible array of therapeutic benefits. But before we dive into specifics, we’ll address some of the most common questions about this safe and natural treatment method.

    Does Red Light Therapy Actually Work?

    According to hundreds of peer-reviewed studies and personal testimonials, the answer to that question is a resounding YES. Although red light therapy should not be considered a cure for any condition, research has consistently shown that red light has significant benefits for most every part of the body.

    How Often Should You Use Red Light Therapy?

    There is no one-size-fits-all guideline for using red light therapy because the recommended time depends on the application. Generally, A 20-minute session 2 times per week is a good starting point.

    What Are the Side Effects of Red Light Therapy?

    Red light therapy has no side effects when used as directed. During the treatment and shortly afterward, you’ll probably feel a gentle warmth in the area where the light is concentrated. Individuals with very sensitive skin may experience temporary tightness or redness. You can start slowly by shortening your therapy session and/or moving a little farther away from the device.

    Can you do full body red light therapy when pregnant?

    NO, it is not recommended to use red light therapy during pregnancy. However, using light therapy should be okay since exposure to light therapy for an hour is as same as an hour of outdoor daylight which does not posses any harm to the fetus.