Why You Should Consider Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy might not be for the faint of hearts, but we cannot achieve total body cleansing and wellness if we ignore our colon’s health. Cleansing the colon is like cleansing the soul. It gives you optimal detoxification results and Vita Revive performs this package for you through their Doctor Certified and FDA approved Colon Hydrotherapy. There will be a quick start plan which includes the initial session and two follow up sessions. Other packages involved up to 6 to 9 sessions to achieve the transformational cleanse system.

You might ask yourself, is cleansing my colon the right thing for me? First, you have to listen to your body. The transformation might not be easy for you but once you have done the first session, you will want to do the next. You feel less bloated and your stomach is so light and clean.

To prepare you for the experience, you must eat light. Preferably no more food intake two hours before your appointment. There will be specific diets like avoiding carbonated beverages, meats and gas forming foods like broccoli, etc. It would really help if you do not take more water an hour before your appointment. Vita Revive will help you prepare the experience too. Its colon hydrotherapy device is considered the Rolls Royce of cleansing and detoxification at Vita Revive.

You are protected and covered and you do not need to worry about the smell because there is none. You will also be pampered greatly by the staff of Vita Revive and meditation music, aromatherapy and all the care you need will be provided to you while you sit and they perform the session. They will only use a soothing flow of purified, warm water running through a pencil thin nozzle which will be inserted in your rectum and the water helps the unnecessary contents of your colon to go out of  your system. Again, there is no smell so no need to worry. This might sound a bit odd but this is reality. We need to cleanse our system to achieve total health and wellness goal. Are you in? Book an appointment now.